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About Land Art


Nature and art are my passion. I find myself returning to nature over and over again, hiking & paddling in Northern Minnesota.

Land Art works perfect for who I am as an artist, and where I like to spend my time. It's my connection to nature.


The potential of using found materials in nature inspires and interests me. The idea of a Northern Minnesota scene with

a bit of a human touch appeals to me. The scene completes and enhances the work.


The process in creating land art is extremely difficult. It can be done spontaneously or planned, but, the end result is far from guaranteed.

Most of the works I do are complete failures and I get awfully frustrated. The reasons are many: wind, daylight, rain, materials, the work, time, etc.

Occasionally, I'm at the right place at the right time, and there's an end result that's significant and worthwhile. Something

has been created that was always there, but, was never brought to the surface to be seen and shared.


I'm at the beginning stages of my Land Art career.

The future: accumulate works, and discover what nature has to offer!


Dave Wagner, March 2015, Hand to Nature Land Art, Bemidji, MN.


Above - Art Show Poster idea. Blue stem is beautiful in the open areas in late August. The reeds are from a canoe trip

on Lake Bemidji, the orange is Runner Bean blossums, and green grapes from the garden.

July 2013 East of Bemidji, MN