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Hand To Nature Land Art Gallery 1, 2013 - 2014


Above - Cattails on a shoreline in North Central Minnesota. The new growth was red, the

growth under the sand was bright white. Visited the next morning - completely gone from

waves in the night. June 2013

Above - Pigweed and tomato with Oak leaves. The leaves were intended to be a splash or a

shape to hold the sun faded Pigweed. The tomato finished it nicely giving the eye a starting point

to view the work. October 2014

Above - Reeds, Blue Stem, Grapes, Runner Bean blossums. Made in the garden

July 2013.

Above - Horsetail with Saskatoon Berries. Made in the garden. June 2013


Above - Common Reed with Sumac Berries. The intensity of this one was unexpected.

Made in the Garden. late July 2013

Above - Lilly Pad Flower Pedal work on bog pile. Early morning paddle in a beautiful small pond

surrounded by Spruce and Cedar. Leaned over the side of the canoe and made this one with

a family of Otters catching small fish close by. late June 2014

Above - Young Poppel leaves on a moss log work. On a drive, found a recently

logged clearing full of young Poppel. The leaves were all in different stages of

color. October 2014

Above - 3 circles in leaves in Oak Leaves. This work was 17" x 3'. October 2014

Above - Fern stalks circle. The part of the stalk in the soil was black, making a distinct line.

An intense almost purple color was fantastic, and unexpected. September 2013

Above - Rasberry stalk shape inside leaves. Made on a hillside out of the wind. October 2014
Above - Oak Leaves on rock, East side of Lake Bemidji, fall 2014

Above - Reeds and Blue Bead Lily berries on Star Island on Cass Lake. Found a patch of reeds

with very unusual color and markings. July 2013


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All Images © 2015 Hand To Nature Land Art By Dave Wagner, Bemidji, MN